An emergency call every 2 minutes

With 700 daily emergencies, our 250 fire stations are kept very busy. It is critical that every firefighter has the necessary equipment to respond to whatever emergency they encounter.

Budgets don’t cover all of these needs, especially in low-income areas. The need for new and replacement equipment and replenishing medical supplies is ongoing as changes in technology require replacing obsolete equipment.

Since 1989, the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation has been filling this funding  gap by identifying priority needs and raising funds for priority needs.

San Diego Fire Chief, Tony Mecham

“The San Diego Regional Fire Foundation has been a tremendous asset for the County stepping up to acquire mobile data computers, automatic vehicle locators, evacuation books, mass casualty kits, and other regional equipment so all local departments can provide the same level of service.”

Tony Mecham, Cal Fire San Diego Unit and San Diego County Fire Protection District

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